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How I Can Increase Your RMR by 18.7% 
Without Adding a Single Customer
If you apply just one of the strategies you will learn in the webinar, you can increase your RMR TODAY.
Originally broadcast live on August 23rd
Featuring, Bob Harris:
Bob Harris is a published author, speaker, presenter, business consultant and trainer specializing in recurring revenue businesses’ customer retention, sales and restoring organizational enthusiasm.

FREE: Retention Secrets (PDF)

(If you stay to the end of the webinar)
I will give you a RMR Services ideas cheat sheet that you can include/bundle with your services that will add immediate revenue to your company and make customers stick like glue!  

Mark Smith

EVP, EH Impact

Bob Harris

CEO, Attrition Busters
It's a well-known fact, that your existing customers are 4x
more likely to buy something else from you than a new prospect.

Yet, so many companies spend the bulk of their money acquiring & fulfilling a new customer, instead of retaining their existing customers.

A small increase in retention can have a dramatic increase on the bottom
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Secret #1
Little known RMR Service Ideas that will immediately increase revenue. 

Secret #2
How to Get Testimonials & Social proof that increase retention, gets you new customers, and eliminates negative reviews.
Secret #3
Turn your installers into your sales team. Compensate sales people based on upselling RMR services.
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