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How to Get $79,486 In Recurring Revenue 
IT Services (in the Next 30 Days) 
Without Installing Any Equipment
The 5 critical cloud services every SMB needs.

Recorded live on: Thursday, July 13th 

Mark Smith

Director, EH Impact

Karl W. Palachuk

Business Coach and Author
Attention Integrators Who Want to Generate Recurring Revenue!
You're about to discover the secrets of the exact package of cloud services that SMB clients are buying right now without the pain of investing a lot of money up front. 

Hi, my name is Mark Smith and I'd like to invite you to attend a very special webinar event titled:
"How To Get $79,486 In Recurring IT Service Revenue IT (in The Next 30 Days) Without Installing Any Equipment."
I'll Show You:
  •  The top reasons why companies are buying cloud services
  •  The 5 critical services you need to package together
  •   A typical cloud IT services pricing plan
  •  The key metrics in a recurring
    revenue business
  •   The top objections and how
    to overcome them
So if you're serious about wanting to generate recurring revenue without investing a lot of money up front, register now for this special event that will show you the exact package of cloud services that SMB clients are buying right now.